Best Wireless Headphones For Running

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If you are someone who does regular running to maintain your fitness level, then you would know how pumped up music can truly energize your workouts. However if you don’t like the tangles of wires while you are burning your calories, then the best option is to choose a wireless headphone for your workout sessions. In this article you will get to read the unbiased review of the 3 best wireless headphones for running.

Review of 3 Best Headphones for Running

Wireless Headphones For Running Best Wireless Headphones For Running

1. Denon Globe Cruiser AH-W200
Denon has continued its tradition of quality with this product also. This is an in-canal earphone which uses stereo Bluetooth technology to give you great wireless sound effect.

· Design: The in-canal earpieces of the Global Cruiser are connected with a single cable which goes behind the head. On the right earpiece you can access all the controls of play/pause and volume.

· Performance: These earpieces use Bluetooth 3.0 to deliver you good sound with great amount of sub-bass. These earpieces can really sound thunderous without losing the definition in the mid-low to sub-low range. They give you crisp performance and despite high bass effect you don’t lose the vocal effects. This makes these earphones ideal for listening vocal and pop music.

2. Samsung Modus HM6450
These stereo Bluetooth headset are easily the best affordable among all the options in the market. It features active noise cancellation and dual-mic design.

· Design: These headsets give you the option to choose mono or stereo use. The look of these headphones is really good. There are no controls on the earphones and all the controls are in the main unit. There is power switch, microUSB port, volume control, and a button for voice commands in the main unit.

· Performance: Samsung has record of delivering good sounding headphones and they have continued their tradition with this one. The sound of this earpiece is very clear and highly crisp. The voice recording mic also works in perfect way and the addition of noise cancellation option really adds to the features of this earpiece. Android users can use these earphones for many other purposes.

3. Plantronics BackBeat Go
This light weight earphones are great stereo Bluetooth headsets that you can buy for your running. They can also be used to handle your phone calls and create zero disturbances for anyone nearby.

· Design: These earphones are very less in weight and have inline controls. There is a microUSB charging port on the right earpiece. The controls are well placed on the right earpiece and are difficult to see once you wear them. You can control volume, toggle songs and mute them by using the controls.

· Performance: The treble range of this headset is truly remarkable. You can really feel the thumping in the songs and you will never feel and harshness even when playing loud sounds. These earphones can be used with Android phones also and this further adds to the value of these earphones.


There are many wireless headphones that are available and can be used while running. The above three are the best in them and the review of these headphones will help you decide which one is the best for you.

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