Top Benefits of Printed Lithium Ion Batteries

Are you in the market for lithium ion batteries? That could include 7.4v Battery packs - Lithium Ion. There are many options to consider when selecting the batteries and one of them is printed batteries. Why should you consider them? There are several reasons and here are some of the main ones:

1. Applications

The applications for printed batteries are quite wide-ranging. They include sectors like healthcare, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), cosmetics, smart packaging, etc. These are just some of the many applications that are possible through printed batteries. It’s one of the fastest-growing innovations in the world of batteries. This provides a lot of possibilities for your business if it’s involved in those particular sectors. That’s because it provides a wide range of new opportunities. In turn, you’ll have many chances to use the batteries whether it’s for heart monitors, smartwatches, etc.

2. Thinness

Another major benefit of printed batteries is they tend to be much thinner than standard batteries. This provides more options since the batteries aren’t as bulky. There are more applications for using them and especially in various portable applications like IoT devices. Due to the thinness of the batteries it helps to make them more compatible with various devices that must be compact in order to have better functionality.

3. Market

Experts believe the sector will sky-rocket to a $471M industry by 2026. There’s just a mall market base today but it’s expected the demand for printed batteries will increase drastically in the next year. This provides a lot of opportunity for manufacturers of printed batteries. If the market grows to nearly half a billion dollars it will include a large percentage of the total market share. That’s why this is definitely an industry worth observing since it’s already been expanding quickly in recent years. It’s likely that will continue in the next decade or so.

4. Flexibility

The printed batteries are literally more flexible than standard lithium ion batteries so they provide more options. For example, they can be rolled, bent, folded, etc. for different applications. This provides more options for various applications like wearable devices, for example. In those situations, it’s important for the entire device to be bendable whether it fits around the wearer’s wrist or another way. What’s important is the printing process allows more flexible materials that in turn can be used for flexible devices.

5. Voltage

As with other types of batteries the printed batteries are available in various wattages like 3.7V, 7.4V, etc. This provides more options since you can select a battery that has the amount of power you need for a particular device or other unit. It’s an important issue because there are devices that require different amounts of voltage. In those situations, it’s important to have enough juice so you can operate the device effectively. It won’t be possible if the battery doesn’t provide enough voltage.

These are some of the many top benefits of printed batteries. They’re definitely one of the most game-changing techs available for lithium ion batteries.