Everything You Need to Know about Finger Clip Durasensor

What are some good options for diagnostic tools? One of the options is a finger clip durasensor and there are various models available like ds100a. There are many items on the market so it can be tough to pick one for your needs. However, it all starts to defining precisely what a durasensor is so you’ll know exactly what it is and isn’t. Here are some key features to look for:

1. Patient Weight

The durasensor should be designed for patients at a certain weight like 40KG. This figure is different for various models so it’s important to find out the minimum/maximum weights the durasensor is designed for. That will help to determine whether it’s ideal for the people who will be using it. It’s always best to be on the safe side in terms of the patient’s weight to make sure it’s compatible for certain patients. It’s very easy to check this factor so it’s worthwhile.

2. Speed

When using devices like a durasensor you’ll likely to get results as soon as possible. That will help to determine if the patient is in good health or there’s something amiss. The processing time of the durasensor is based on various factors including the quality, technology, and others. The device’s documentation might even provide information about how fast the durasensor produces results.

This in turn can give you a ballpark figure so you’ll know approximately how long the process takes. It’s not an exact science but it certainly helps to have a timeframe so you’ll know roughly how long it takes to produce results. 

3. Accuracy

Here’s another important factor to consider when picking a durasensor. The accuracy should be good enough that it provides reliable results you can use for medical decisions. As a general rule, there should be an accuracy range of 2-3 points or so. This will help to provide the most accurate reading possible.

4, Application

The finger that’s used to test the patient differs. In most cases, it’s the index finger although it could differ for different units. Sometimes other fingers can be used for the durasensor testing. What’s most important is that the process is as easy as possible to provide fast and details results. That in turn can make operation of the unit easier, which is definitely a key benefit.      

5. Reusable

If you want to get more value for your purchase then look for a durasensor that’s reusable. This will help the unit to pay for itself after you’ve used it several times. On the other hand, if the unit is disposable then the per-cost of each application will be much higher. It’s critical to do the math to determine if a re-useable durasensor is the right option. If you’re going to do multiple tests then it probably is but it really depends on the particular situation.

The number crunching will help you determine whether a reusable or non-reusable device is the best option. You’ll easily figure out the most cost-effective option for your durasensor needs.